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Elena tells Briana on Little Women LA: Maybe you need new friends

Briana frowning as she talks with the other ladies while sitting around a table outside
Briana as she has yet another run-in with the ladies on this week’s Little Women: LA

Elena Gant doesn’t hold back during a conversation with Briana Renee on tonight’s Little Women: LA — telling her: “Maybe you need to find different friends.”

Briana has been becoming more and more distant from the rest of the week as this season progresses, and things don’t seem to be getting any time soon.

The episode sees Briana confront Tonya about rumours she’s been spreading. And when the ladies all have a sit-down, several of them make their opinions known.

Terra says that Briana has refused to be friends with anyone who says they don’t like her husband Matt Grundhoffer.

She tells Briana in the footage below: “You wanted everyone out of your life. If they don’t like Matt, you don’t want them in your life.”

Briana disagrees, saying it’s how they go about making their feeling knowns that offends her.

She says: “If they underestimate me and they keep attacking me…that’s what I want out of my life.”

This week’s episode of Little Women: LA also sees the ladies compete and get down and dirty in a Warrior Dash.

Meanwhile, Jasmine fears that Jasmine and Chris have become more like roomies rather than partners since the birth or her son.

And Terra has to make a final bid to get Christy and Briana to sign release forms so that she can go ahead with the launch of her book.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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