Dwyane Wade Budweiser tribute video is the commercial that will have you in tears

Dwyane Wade
Budweiser has shared a tribute to Dwyane Wade. Pic credit: Budweiser

Dwyane Wade played his last game for the Miami Heat last night, scoring an impressive 30 points. Last night’s game marked his final game before heading into retirement.

Miami Heat would win the game 122-99 over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Wade’s retirement is highly notable, with him getting a message from former President Barack Obama. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen sat courtside, watching him play his final game, and the crowd cheered him on, calling him the M-V-P.

But as Dwyane Wade retires, Budweiser wants to celebrate all of his achievements both on and off the field. The new commercial highlights some of the amazing things he has done for people off the court, possibly without realizing it.

You can watch the emotional commercial here:

The 4-minute long commercial highlights Wade’s decision to swap jerseys with some of the greatest on the NBA court throughout his career. Budweiser reveals that he will be given a few more “jerseys” from people, whose lives he has helped change.

Young people start walking onto the court, where they meet Dwyane Wade. They tell him how his efforts have changed their lives, whether it’s through scholarships he’s paid, or him taking a family on a shopping spree after they lost everything.

One woman tells him that he’s Dwyane Wade, the person who took the time to write a victim’s name on his shoe, celebrating the life of one of the victims of the Parkland shooting.

One of the people who comes walking up to him is his mom. She admits that she’s made mistakes in her life, including how he helped her change in prison.

The people hand over their important garments, including a cap and gown, a jersey, and a suit jacket. As the commercial ends, his mom tells him that she’s more proud of the man that he’s become than his accomplishments on the court.

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