Dreampad, Drainwig and Brilliant Pad on Shark Tank

Shark Tank
How many sharks can you get in a bed? Find out on ABC’s Shark Tank this week

This week on Shark Tank, the sharks cosy up on a dreamy bed, keep their drains free of hair and check out an automatic dog potty system.

What is Dreampad and where can you buy it?

Dreampad offers innovative use of sound and vibrations to help you sleep

Dreampad is a pillow that has some very special patented sleep technology built into it. When you are ready for bed you connect your phone to your pillow and then choose a few songs. The Dreampad then plays very quiet music just to you, along with soothing vibrations. This is supposed to aid relaxation and send you off to sleep that much quicker.

The pillow comes in a variety of version all retailing online at $129, with a slim, medium, firm and memory version available depending on your personal preference. You can also pickup an optional Bluetooth receiver at $19 that lets you keep your phone available.

All the Dreampad versions and accessories are available via their website.

What is Drainwig and where can you buy it?

Drainwig might not be glamorous but it sure is practical

Drainwig is the somewhat weird name to a very practical product, that can mean you never have to clean out a clogged up drain again.

We’ve all seen hair gathering in the drain of our showers and when it gets too much you usually have to pull out the cover and then try and get all the hair and other gunk out of the drain, a really nasty task.

The Drainwig solves this problem by capturing the hair on a little chain that you hang through your existing drain.

Every now and then you just have to pull it out and clean off the hair, no more fishing about with a wire trying to hook all the nasty stuff that ends up down the drain!

The Drainwige coast $19.95 and there is currently a buy 2 get 2 free offer, with it being available in a bath and shower version. They also offer commercial pricing for hotels, salons and apartment blocks.

You can pickup a Drainwig online via Amazon or on the official website.

What is Brilliant Pad and where can you buy it?

Brilliant Pad
Brilliant Pad takes the mess out of cleaning up after your pup or dog

Brilliant Pad is a self-cleaning potty for puppies and small dogs under 25lb that currently use pads.

It consists of a roll of pads on a platform that once used can just be wound on, with the poop being sealed away under a triple protection layer. This means the whole system only needs to be changed after 27 uses and changing out the rolls is straightforward.

Features include an adjustable timer that can auto advance the pad at a chosen time frequency, so you could program it to move three times a day if you were away out. There is also a sensor that check no animal is on the pad before it moves and the rolls can last for weeks.

You can buy the Brilliant Pad machine online for $159.99 on the official website and refill rolls can be had for as low as $19.99, depending on the number you order.

What is Snarky Tea and where can you buy it?

Snarky Tea
Snarky Tea puts the attitude back into your break!

Snarky Tea is not something your liable to serve up to your grandmother, though maybe you could if she’s got a bit of attitude!

The tins of loose leaf teas come in range of six flavors from Calm the F**k Down (green rooibos) through to Fierce B*tch (black tea with rose petals) and Namaste Motherf**ker (green tea, raspberry pieces, orange peel).

Perfect for anyone wanting something tasty with attitude!

You can buy the teas online and they come in at $18.99 per tin.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9:00 PM on ABC.

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