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Double Shot at Love Season 1, episode 5 recap: Who went home? Will Vinny find love?

Vinny and Pauly D stretch it out over a pool of hair gel
Vinny and Pauly D compete again for a chance at a one-on-one date. Pic credit: MTV

On the latest episode of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, the competition is getting fierce as the number of girls fighting for the Jersey Shore bachelors continues to dwindle.

As we all know, the more competitive things get, the more ruthless the competitors will be and we’ve already seen the girls sizing each other up as they continue to face off.

This week Pauly and Vinny are in competition to go on a single date with one of the girls and whoever wins a competition between them will get that coveted prize. As they introduce the competition, DJ Pauly D waxes poetic about hair gel.

“You see, hair gel is a lot like love,” Pauly says. “The more you put in, the stronger it gets.”

Date night with Pauly D

The competition requires Pauly and Vinny to stretch over a vat of hair gel and whoever can hold on for the longest, wins the competition.

Ultimately, Pauly won the competition (again) and he picked Deryn for the date, stating that he wanted to get to know her outside of all the crazy antics she’s been pulling in her effort to get noticed.

When date night finally arrives, it turns out that Deryn isn’t all crazy cat lady. She and Pauly actually had a pretty good time as they peddled an oversized swan boat and had a great conversation.

Even Pauly commented on how easy she was to talk to and was impressed that she was an entrepreneur.

While the paddle boat date went really well, it didn’t end up in a make-out session like Pauly’s date on the last episode with Suzy — though Deryn made sure to bring that up.

Then, as Deryn and Pauly made their way back to the house, Deryn took charge and locked lips with Pauly, making sure she’d have something to brag about later.

What a weirdo!

Mish gets a bit of drama going in the house when she tells the other girls that Nikki was dropping info about Pauly. Apparently, Pauly told Nikki that Holly was weird.

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When Mish says Nikki told her that Pauly said “someone” was weird, they pressured her to drop a name… and she did!

That set Holly off since she had been trying to get Pauly’s attention. Now, she wants to confront him and find out if the rumor is true. If so, she’s the girl currently threatening to go home.

Literally, the next time Holly was able to catch Pauly D, she pulled him to the side, asking, “Did you tell Nikki that you think I’m weird?”

So much for not naming names!

DJ Pauly D learns that Nikki repeated something he said
DJ Pauly D is in shock at the drama in the house on Double Shot at Love. Pic credit: MTV

Pauly looked shook that she would even ask and that Nikki would have shared that. It’s worth pointing out that Pauly did not deny saying that Holly was weird. Here’s what he did say:

“Did I tell Nikki that I think you are weird? There’s how many girls in this house and what are you all fighting for?” Pauly asks.

“For you,” Holly responds.

“Right, so you can’t believe that s**t,” Pauly continues. “Everybody in this house is after a love for Vinny and Pauly. They’re gonna say s**t to get you riled off and look what happened? That s**t worked!”

“In my real life, you’ll hear way worse and way more!” Pauly started talking fast. “Wanna know something else? I like weird. And something else? I’m weird.”

So did he or didn’t he? Either way, Pauly was able to calm Holly down and get her back in the house.

Vinny steals a one-on-one date anyway

Vinny is clearly into Mish and decided to check on her to make sure she was okay. After all, it was Mish who got the whole house riled up with the rumor about Pauly calling Holly weird and now, she was upset.

Like Pauly and Deryn, Vinny and Mish ended up paddling around the pool in the swan while they talked. It seems that’s the only way to get any alone time that isn’t interrupted by someone else around there.

While holding hands on the swan, Vinny tells Mish that he feels like they have the best connection.

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High drama and a house divided

With both Holly and Mish upset, instant BFFs Suzy and Nadya decide that it’s time for the whole group of girls to sit down together and get to the bottom of the drama.

Nikki then realizes they are talking about her and confronts them, clearly upset that they’re about to have a group sit down to discuss the information she shared about what Pauly said.

Pauly then confronts Nikki about the comments, taking her outside to talk in private. While Nikki would probably love some alone time with Pauly, this clearly isn’t how she wants to do it.

Pauly looks completely shocked as Nikki tears into him about why everyone is coming down on her.

“I’m looking for a Double Shot at Love, not a double shot of drama,” Pauly says in the confessional.

As Pauly and Nikki continue their conversation, B-Lashes and Deryn decided to go for a ride on the swan together. It just so happens that the swan puts them in earshot of Pauly and Nikki so they can eavesdrop on what the two are talking about.

Don’t kiss and tell

Just when we thought Vinny was really feeling Mish, he got a bit of alone time with Maria and he put the moves on her.

The two had quite a steamy makeout session outside and Maria, feeling confident that no one else saw it, vowed not to tell anyone.


When the girls finally do sit down to have a meeting and discuss the rumor that Pauly called Holly weird, Nikki freaks out. As they try to hash out the house drama and even make a deal not to spread any more rumors that might cause drama, Nikki gets up and walks out.

Even B-Lashes calls after Nikki, asking her to come deal with her problems.

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In the confessional, Nikki says the girls are “FAB”, as in, “fake a** b****hes.”

Who goes home on Double Shot at Love?

In the barbershop, Pauly and Vinny discuss which girl they think should go home.

They bring up the house drama and at this point, Pauly doesn’t seem to want Nikki to go home yet but Vinny says he could go either way.

When it comes to Nadya and Suzy, Vinny says that he thought Nadya was wifey material but that she’s clearly only there to hang out.

She and Suzy are “joined at the hip” and their quick friendship isn’t helping them bond with the Jersey Shore bachelors.

Vinny says he still likes Alysse but that she’s so shy that he goes days without seeing her. Then Pauly asks if that’s why Vinny decided to make out with her friend.

Vinny says that he just wanted to make out with her so he went for it.

Shockingly, Holly and Nikki get called own to face Pauly and Vinny at the same time and both get to stay with a warning to let Pauly breathe.

Then, two girls who let the Jersey Shore bachelors breathe a little too much get called down to deal with Pauly and Vinny. Nadya and Suzy are told that they should be putting as much effort into getting to know the bachelors as they do with each other.

That’s when Vinny tells Nadya that her cab has arrived, sending one of the former frontrunners out of the house.

Suzy decided she still wanted a shot even with her new best friend gone but it’s clear that she’ll have to step her game up if she wants to win anyone’s heart on this show.

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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