Doritos Super Bowl commercial 2019: Watch Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys remix

Chance the Rapper and The Backstreet Boys team up in epic Doritos Super Bowl commercial. Pic credit: Doritos

Doritos is back with a brand new 2019 Super Bowl commercial and this one is for their Flamin’ Hot nacho, a brand new flavor that simply makes the original Doritos nacho chip’s hot.

In the commercial, Chance the Rapper is sitting in what appears to be an airplane hanger, eating the chips. He wonders how Doritos made the original version so hot.

That’s when the Backstreet Boys song, I Want It That Way starts playing and Chance the Rapper makes it modern with a few rap verses. It’s the perfect collaboration of an original hit with a hot modern flair.

But it isn’t just Backstreet Boys’ music that’s used in the 2019 Super Bowl commercial. In the perfect collaboration, the Backstreet Boys break out in their original dance moves to their own song, while Chance the Rapper dances in front of them to the beat of his generation.

It really is the perfect way of making a classic song hot and trendy again. Doritos really hit it out of the park with this one.

It’s also a perfect way to demonstrate that music doesn’t go out of style.

Many audience members watching the Super Bowl will have fond memories of the original Backstreet Boys song while many will appreciate this new hot take on the song.

As for those who are unfamiliar with Chance the Rapper, he will now be known as the rapper who made a Backstreet Boys song a hot hit for 2019. And that’s a winning combination.

The 2019 Super Bowl commercial ends with the simple statement — The Original, Now It’s Hot – which couldn’t be more accurate for this commercial.

The Super Bowl airs February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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