Does Rick die on The Walking Dead? Why is Andrew Lincoln leaving the show? [Spoilers]

Rick and Daryl on Season 9 Episode 4 of The Walking Dead
Rick and Daryl on Season 9 Episode 4 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Rick Grimes’ fate is one of the biggest plot points in Season 9 of The Walking Dead. Upon learning that Andrew Lincoln wanted off the AMC hit, TWD fans had a lot of questions about whether or not Rick was going to die or just disappear and the closer we get to his final moments, the answer has become clear.

Why is Andrew Lincoln leaving the show?

It’s a fact that actor Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead. He made this announcement after Season 8 aired on AMC.

It was simply time for him to move on to other projects and he was pleased with how he had portrayed the character. It came as a shock to a lot of fans of the show, but he had already given nine years to the program.

Does Rick die on The Walking Dead?

A number of TWD spoilers from the October 28 episode have already been reported by Monsters and Critics. That includes what takes place at the end of Season 9 Episode 4, which in itself, also leaves some questions for AMC viewers. It also sheds some doubt on whether the death of Rick Grimes will actually take place.

There have been rumors for months online that Rick is going to die during Season 9 of the show. If the stories are to be believed, then Episode 5 will be the last time that the character will be alive on the program.

That still leaves an opening for flashbacks or dream sequences of other characters, but it is the final time that Rick will be the main character.

To find out for sure, whether or not Rick is going to die on The Walking Dead, viewers should tune in for the November 4 episode. AMC is advertising it as the final episode for Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, and the ending of the previous episode points toward the death of the character.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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