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Dinosaurs come to life in CuriosityStream original Amazing Dinoworld

Make sure to get this in front of the kids, CuriosityStream AmazingDinoworld will reveal new never before taught information. Pic credit: CuriosityStream
Make sure to get this in front of the kids, CuriosityStream AmazingDinoworld will reveal new never before taught information. Pic credit: CuriosityStream

Parents and teachers listen up, tomorrow begins a whole new adventure in the world of dinosaurs.

Kids and dinosaurs are the peanut butter and chocolate combo for any savvy TV programmer, a fact not lost on the streaming behemoth CuriosityStream, which has revealed beginning tomorrow, your child’s new obsession: Amazing Dinoworld Miniseries.

Steel yourself for squeals of joy as the streamer unearths incredible facts and presents information in a tantalizing and entertaining way that kids will eat up. Guaranteed.

Prehistoric Earth and all creatures great and small are what Amazing Dinoworld miniseries is all about.

You will meet feathered dinosaurs (birds are raptors and we all know what raptors did in Jurassic Park) and witness giant sea predators that stomped around the Earth as if they owned it (they did, kinda).

It’s a sobering lesson in how everything changes, the mighty are felled over time and the Earth is a constantly changing surface that has climactic and external pressures that affect every living thing…including us!

Read our exclusive interview with John Hendricks and Clint Stinchcomb about CuriosityStream here!

What is CuriosityStream?

A streaming service, CuriosityStream is the brainchild of the man who gave us Discovery and all it’s sister channels. John Hendricks created the award-winning streaming and on-demand destination and as the founder of Discovery Channel, you know the quality and gravitas is there from documentaries to specials like Dinoworld, where the brightest minds and best storytellers convene to bring quality infotainment to your door.

When does Dinoworld begin?

Amazing Dinoworld starts tomorrow, October 17, only on CuriosityStream.

What can we expect?

In co-production with NHK, the series goes on a visually sumptuous journey through the past decade of scientific discoveries – when
new findings have broadened experts’ knowledge of the dinosaur age.

The series then recreates (with NHK’s stunning CGI) not only what these creatures looked like, but also how they lived and died.

The Mesozoic Era is up first, as very strange creatures formed an incredibly diverse ecosystem. Over land and sea,
primeval Earth was home to these gobsmacking dinosaurs, so tune in to see this amazing prehistoric world, including:

The Feather Revolution

Feathers and not scales were common coverings for these huge beasts. In part one, viewers meet two distinct species of Deinocheirus and Troodon. Despite ferocious arms with huge sharp claws, Deinocheirus chomped on plants in the Mongolian plateau 66 million years ago. Meanwhile, the Troodon lived in the Arctic where the Dino intelligentsia thought dinosaurs never inhabited. New intel and surprises are in store.

The World of Sea Monsters

The was one conspicuous marine reptile who ruled the seas: Mosasaurus. Recent discoveries shed light on the sea environments of that age. Part two follows a huge-bodied Mosasaurus female and the story of her earliest land ancestor. 100 million years ago, Protomosasaurus was a small reptile living on land until she was found safety in the sea.

There, her descendants “took a miraculous leap and millions of years later, Mosasaurus ruled the sea” just as Tyrannosaurus was the king of the dry land. For the first time, the story of Mosasaurus reveals the most successful marine creature in the dinosaur era.

Amazing Dinoworld is the first in a trio of CuriosityStream original limited series produced in collaboration with longtime partner NHK.

What they are saying

“CuriosityStream is committed to creating new experiences for our subscribers that send them on a deep dive into the most fascinating
stories of our world, and NHK is the ideal partner to help deliver on that promise,” said CuriosityStream CEO & President Clint Stinchcomb in a press release. He added: “Viewers are in for a treat of mega proportions with Amazing Dinoworld, shedding new light on one of our most popular subjects. It’s the perfect balance of science and entertainment that CuriosityStream viewers crave.”


How do we get CuriosityStream?

This is available worldwide to watch on TV, desktop, mobile, and tablet. Use Roku, Apple TV Channels and Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Sprint and Google Chromecast, iOS, and Android, as well as Amazon Prime Video Channels, YouTube TV, Sony PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, DISH, VRV, Comcast Xfinity on Demand, Cox Communications, T-Mobile, Sony, LG, Samsung and VIZIO smart TVs, Liberty Global, StarHub TV, TotalPlay, Medianet, and other global distribution partners and platforms.

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