Dinner For Two on TV One: Tristan Wilds and Chaley Rose take viewers on emotional ride

Chaley Rose and Tristan Wilds from TV One's Dinner For Two
Chaley Rose and Tristan Wilds from TV One’s Dinner For Two

Sometimes people make mistakes so big that there is no going back, something that Chris just couldn’t seem to understand in the TV ONE original film Dinner For Two. Billed as a story of acceptance that begins as a love story that will reel you in from the start but heed this warning, stock up on tissues.

Dinner For Two features outstanding performances by Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds (The Wire, 90210) who is also billed as executive producer and breakout star Chaley Rose (Nashville), along with Prince Hammond (Claws) and Shaun Baker (House Party).

The upcoming TV One movie directed by Orlando Bishop starts out with Chris (Wilds) preparing dinner for himself when Angela (Rose) rings the doorbell. From there, Dinner For Two is a tale of their love and all of the obstacles that almost stopped it from happening.

We quickly learn that Chris is an alcoholic and his drinking plays a big part in his current circumstances. When Angela shows up for one more dinner together, she helps Chris to see and understand a lot about the past. The more important thing is that she helped him to see that, despite huge changes for both of them, he still has a chance to take control and find happiness.

Don’t be fooled though, what looks like a break-up story isn’t that at all. Instead, it’s an intricately woven series of scenes from both past and present that tell the story of where Chris got to the point that he’s at.

Dinner For Two will suck you in from the start and have you cheering for Chris to get the girl even when the girl says she can’t be had. Get ready to experience all the emotions — love, loss, sadness, and utter shock when the entire story of Chris and Angela comes together to form a tragic modern day love story.

Dinner For Two airs on Sunday, September 2 at 7 p.m. EST and will replay again at 10 p.m. EST on TV One.

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