Diesel Brothers attempt Monster Jump on live TV in Memorial Day live event

Diesel Brothers attempt Monster Jump on live TV
Be there LIVE tonight on Discovery for a special Diesel Brothers event from Utah! Pic credit: Discovery

Memorial Day marks a special live event for the finale of Diesel Brothers on Discovery.  The famous Diesel Brothers – Dave Sparks and “Diesel Dave” Kiley – will try to pull off a succession of extreme automotive events where we will be watching in real-time from Wendover Air Force base in Utah.

The core series on Discovery is split into sections where the men rebuild trucks and offer them to people free of charge as they run a garage business in Utah.  These are not average trucks for work but showy “monster trucks” meant to compete and entertain at truck shows.

Fans of the series enjoy their inventive after-market build ideas and engine tweaks that these trucks undergo, and the guys try to help people who need it.

Tonight’s live event is hosted by Chris Jacobs and it will include attempts at setting numerous world records including a breathtaking live-jump by Heavy D in the Monster Jam BroDozer truck over a flying airplane by record-breaking pilot Anthony Oshinuga.

The Diesel Brothers always bring the excitement and no doubt, will be pushing the limits this evening with high gear moments, described as “epic, high-flying and jam-packed live events” all in a bid to honor the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and military families during this Memorial Day holiday.

Also happening are giveaways and various live entertainment during this two-hour season finale event held at the historic decommissioned WWII military base, Wendover Airfield.

There are death-defying stunts planned as Heavy D (Dave Sparks) will attempt  – in front of military members and residents of the Hill Airforce Base – a record-breaking jump with the BroDozer.

With the help of competitive racer and pilot Anthony Oshinuga, one of a select few US licensed pilots who are cleared to fly at such low elevations at fast speeds, Discovery producers ask, “Will Heavy D be able to pull off this seemingly impossible jump?”

“This is going to be one of the most intense, high stakes moments ever shown on national television. Everything about the stunts we have planned requires 100 percent precision and accuracy. I can’t wait to put on a night of events and surprises that will keep America on the edge of their seat!” said Heavy D in a statement to the press.

“We are humbled to honor the men and women who risk so much every day protecting our country and look forward to making history as we perform incredible stunts in tribute to those who fight for our freedom.”

Who are the Diesel Brothers?

Not blood brothers but “bro” brothers, the friendship and business partners “Heavy D” Sparks and “Diesel Dave” Kiley began with a “fix it shop” for all types of vehicles and morphed it into a specialty garage where “bigger, badder trucks” are customized.

Now, Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at DieselSellerz crank out the mega builds and offer giveaways to deserving fans.

Their business is all about reinvention as they buy used or broken down trucks and trick them out to resell.

Savants of social media, the men expertly use the internet/social media as a marketing tool to share their best pranks and stunt driving. Millions of hits later, DieselSellerz caught the attention of TV producers and voila, a Discovery show was pitched and sold.

These entrepreneurs are based in Salt Lake City, Utah and both men and their crew shared a love of engines, motorcycles and trucks from their childhoods onward.

In 2008, Heavy D (Sparks) hired his first employee, his best friend “Diesel Dave” Kiley, to help him grow his business idea.

What to expect tonight

Also announced for tonight’s festivities is that Tanner Godfrey, a friend of the DieselSellerz crew and former world-record holder for the longest jump made in a UTV, will attempt to reclaim his title using a UTV built for him during this past season on the series.

Monster Jam driver Todd LeDuc will have his first ever forward-momentum back-flip in a Monster Jam truck.

There will be a live truck giveaway featuring the team from Dirty Mudder Truckers – a new Discovery Channel series premiering at 10/9c following this live Diesel Brothers’ event.

Followers of  Diesel.Brothers on Instagram also get a behind the scenes look before, during, and after the live broadcast.

Join the chatter on Twitter too with the special hashtag #MonsterJumpLIVE for a chance be featured on-air.

Diesel Brothers: Monster Jump Live airs Memorial Day – Monday, May 27 at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.  This will stream live on Discovery GO on Monday, May 27 at 8/7c and is live in all time zones. The event is not open to the public.

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