Did TBS cancel A Christmas Story Marathon? Nope, it’s just a hoax

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story documents the life of little Ralph. Pic credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Every year, TBS airs a marathon of the Christmas movie, A Christmas Story, starring Peter Billingsley as little Ralphie. But this year, TBS faced a rumor that the annual marathon would be canceled and viewers were not happy about it.

The rumor was started by a website that claimed the network was canceling the marathon because of a bullying scene in the movie, a scene that hadn’t caused a stir last year or the year before. There was never a statement from the network about the cancelation.

But as it turns out, the rumor was a hoax. According to Snopes, TBS has confirmed that the marathon will indeed air as planned, starting at 8/7c on Christmas Eve and will run throughout the day on Christmas Day.

The rumor appeared to be nothing more than a social media hoax, which pleased many viewers who watch this movie marathon as part of their Christmas celebrations.

For many, this movie captures the essence of Christmas, as viewers follow Ralphie on his journey to getting a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. He tries to convince everyone, including his parents, friends, his teacher and the Santa at the mall that this is the perfect gift for him.

The movie has created some iconic moments, including the pink bunny suit that Ralphie wears throughout the movie, the leg lamp that his father brings home, and Ralphie’s classmate’s tongue getting stuck on a pole while at school, as he’s dared to lick the icy metal pole.

A Christmas Story also stars Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Scott Schwartz, Jean Shepherd, Ian Petrella, Tedde Moore, R.D. Robb, Zack Ward, Jeff Gillen, and Leslie Carlson.

A Christmas Story marathon will start at 8/7c on Christmas Eve on TBS and run throughout Christmas day.

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