Did Rhaegal die on Game of Thrones?

Rhaegal Game of Thrones
Did Rhaegal die on Game of Thrones? Pic credit: HBO

At the height of the Battle of Winterfell, a vicious battle ensued between Jon Snow’s dragon Rhaegal and the Night King’s undead dragon (once known as Viserion). Given the television budget and the way the dragon battle was filmed, it was unclear how injured Rhaegal became during the fight. He took some major damage but how critical was ambiguous.

The mystery of his fate was further questioned by the fact Rhaegal flew off and never returned after the confrontation. But thankfully an answer is provided by the promotion for next week’s episode. Did Rhaegal die in the battle? Here is everything known about the fate of Jon Snow’s dragon.

Did Rhaegal die on Game of Thrones last night?

Although Rhaegal disappeared after the Viserion scuffle, it’s clear from the sneak peek of episode 4 that the dragon is very much alive and well. As seen in the footage, two dragons are flying outside of the walls of Winterfell.

Is Rhaegal critically injured? The chances are highly likely but considering his appearance, it’s safe to assume Jon Snow will be riding him into King’s Landing very soon.

The footage of Rhaegal flying with Drogon can be seen below and occurs around the 20-second mark of the video.

This should come as a relief to those worried about the looming battle between Winterfell and Cersei’s army. After the major death toll of last night, having Rhaegal and Drogon will be crucial to defeating the unmerciful Cersei.

The war for the Iron Throne is far from over and will certainly get worse before it gets better. Whatever happens next, having these firebreathers does not hurt the chances of their survival.

Until then, the fate of all of our beloved Game of Thrones characters can be witnessed every Sunday on HBO at 9/8c.

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