Did Maggie have her baby on The Walking Dead?

Maggie Greene played by Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead
Maggie Greene was pregnant for a whole season but where is the baby? Pic credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lauren Cohan’s days are numbered on The Walking Dead and as it draws closer to the departure of her character, Maggie Greene, viewers have been asking a lot of questions about her baby. Remember, Maggie was pregnant when Glenn died and even though that seems so long ago, she was never shown heavily pregnant.

The lack of airtime that Maggie’s pregnancy received over the last season has a lot of viewers asking questions about what happened to that baby and did Maggie ever give birth? It turns out that she did but it wasn’t shown on The Walking Dead.

During the Season 9 premiere, Maggie is shown with her baby. It turned out that she decided to name him after her father, revealing Hershel to the world.

Throughout most of Season 9, Maggie has either been shown with her baby or has referenced her child. It is a big deal in her personal storyline and one which will certainly affect the future of both characters.

When did Maggie have her baby on The Walking Dead?

The writers for the show present a year-and-a-half time jump from when Negan was defeated until the first episode in Season 9. A lot happened in that time, including Daryl being placed in charge of the Saviors, the camps starting to work together, and Maggie starting to get comfortable with being in charge at Hilltop.

During that time jump, Maggie had her baby on The Walking Dead.

It cleared the way for her character to act boldly during the first five episodes of the new season. It also allowed Lauren Cohan to be very bold and straightforward with the character.

Now, her leadership style has moved in a completely new direction, setting the stage for what’s to come at Hilltop.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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