Did Farrah leave Ex on the Beach? Did she get kicked off?

Farrah Abraham during her confessional from Ex on the Beach
Farrah Abraham made waves on Ex on the Beach. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham has found herself in a precarious spot on Ex on the Beach. When it was announced she was going to be back on MTV, viewers were shocked. After her departure from Teen Mom OG, it looked like the reality star was completely done with the network altogether.

The drama in the Ex on the Beach house has been happening for weeks but last week, things came to a head. Farrah Abraham isn’t above putting her hands on anyone and it went all the way when she kicked Nurys Mateo.

What happened in the Ex on the Beach house last week?

A confrontation between Farrah Abraham and Nurys Mateo turned the Ex on the Beach house upside down. The former Teen Mom OG star had to leave the house to handle a court appearance and while she was gone, her “Free Farrah” posters were torn off the wall.

In response to what Nurys Mateo did, Farrah Abraham decided she was going to flush her housemate’s shoes down the toilet. Of course, that was on top of her already kicking her in the private parts. Things ended there for the night because the ladies were separated and sent to hotels for the night because things likely would have escalated further.

At this point, viewers were wondering if Farrah Abraham would be kicked off Ex on the Beach.

Is Farrah Abraham done on Ex on the Beach?

Last night’s episode saw Nurys Mateo campaigning to have Farrah Abraham kicked off the show. The two were brought back to the house and in an attempt to remedy the situation, Nurys wanted to bury the hatchet and move on. Farrah was not going to apologize for the part she played and after refusing to even acknowledge her wrong, things became more intense.

Ex on the Beach left viewers will an epic cliffhanger last night with the vote results set to be continued. Will Farrah Abraham get the boot or will her housemates stand behind her?

Ex on the Beach airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.