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Did aliens build the pyramids? Ancient Aliens investigates ‘The Science Wars’

An artist's impression of UFOs above the pyramids of Egypt in footage from Ancient Aliens
UFOs above the pyramids of Egypt in footage from Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens on History tonight looks at evidence which, though it appears to prove the planet may have extraterrestrial origins, is dismissed by the academic community.

The episode explores a string of high-profile discoveries in recent times which seemingly point at how our world might have a past that challenges accepted history.

But the producers  are repeatedly denied by much of the academic world.

The episode highlights how the history books have to be rewritten all the time after new discoveries by archaeologists and anthropologists around the world.

But it goes on to look at several cases are simply ignored by the scientific community.

Three of the main things they look at involve the Great Pyramid of Giza, unexplained elongated skulls found in many corners of the planet, and an ancient hammer discovered in Texas dating back 140million years.

It’s thought that the Great Pyramid could be much older than thought. There are already still innumerable questions surrounding the pyramids and how they were made.

But other discoveries have raised even bigger questions. For instance a painted ostrich egg found by British archaeologist Mallaby Cecil Firth in 1907 includes a picture of the three pyramids at Giza.

The engraved ostrich egg found by Mallaby Cecil Firth
Mallaby Cecil Firth’s ostrich egg depicting the three pyramids at Giza

That’s despite the egg dating back around 7,000 years, whereas the pyramids are only said by accepted history to be 4,500 years old.

Meanwhile, the London Hammer — which was found in London, Texas, in 1983 — was found encased in rock around 140 million years old, despite humans apparently only being around for 200,000 years.

The London Hammer with its handle encased in rock
The London Hammer, which was found encased in ancient rock

The most famous case of elongated skulls found in the world are the the Paracas Skulls, found in Peru.

Three of the Paracas skulls
The Paracas skulls, with their elongated shape

It’s thought they were created by ancient civilizations who purposefully changed the shapes of their heads by binding them inside wood or cloth.

But DNA tests on the 200-year-old skulls in recent years have raised some interesting questions, while some claim they came from aliens.

Ancient Aliens will look at the evidence in cases like those above in a bid to establish whether the consensus about our planet’s past is correct, or whether the academic community is simply turning a blind eye to evidence that could change history.

Ancient Aliens airs Fridays at 9/8c on History.

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