Dick Wolf’s Murder for Hire preview shows how craven some people can become

A police officer cases a sting where a murder for hire plot is going down. Pic credit: Oxygen
A police officer cases a sting where a murder for hire plot is going down. Pic credit: Oxygen

A new true crime docu-series debuts tonight from uber-producer Dick Wolf on Oxygen. Murder For Hire takes the whole genre to the stratosphere for jaw-dropping real reveals of people putting hits on their alleged “loved” ones.

The series covers the psychological aspects of what motivates people to become paid killers and how what appears to be ordinary relationships turn into murderous secretive plans to off a loved one.

Hitmen are having a moment in pop culture with HBO series Barry poking fun at the rehabilitation of a former sniper-turned-hit-man who wishes to be an actor, but this series is the real deal. People are caught dead to rights forking over cash to get their respective partner or spouse killed.

These people are filmed in their murder-for-hire schemes as we viewers are left to wonder what is going on in this world where someone would go so low as to resort to this action. This new series shows that it is more prevalent than you can imagine.

Murder for Hire is also about the details and the mechanics of contract killings and the leads that authorities who work together use to stop it from happening as they set up stings and film the action.  The leads come from some unlikely places, as you will see tonight.

From the beginnings of why a person would do this to the end result of diverting a potential murder and getting an arrest made are all covered on this series.

The producers employ several law enforcement agencies and experts who investigate these claims and coordinate these filmed stings as the person who is guilty of these crimes is stopped in their tracks. It’s quite chilling to hear the conversations people are having with the “hitmen” as they negotiate the murders.

Viewers watching the first episode will learn the case of Wyoming therapist Cynthia Guy who tried to use a patient to carry out the hit on her ex-husband, Terry Thomas.

This feels like a soap opera on steroids but it’s real and you will be hooked as each case is carefully unraveled as to why the guilty party felt the need to go to these insane lengths to rid them of their former (or current) lover.

Child custody issues, money, or a combination of both seem to be the common denominators in these cases.

Make sure to tune in to watch this addictive and disturbing new series from the mind of Dick Wolf.

Murder for Hire premieres Sunday, April 7th at 7/6c on Oxygen.

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