Devour frozen food commercial for the Super Bowl: Watch the uncensored version

DEVOUR Food Porn
Devour Food Porn is the Super Bowl 2019 commercial for Devour. Pic credit: Devour

It’s Super Bowl time and the commercials for the game are starting to surface, including this hilarious Devour “frozen food porn” commercial.

The food porn concept is a viral one, as people celebrate their love for food with photos of melted cheese, huge desserts, delicious burgers and more.

Devour is taking the food porn concept to new heights with their frozen food porn commercial.

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And it’s hilarious.

The Devour food porn Super Bowl commercial: Uncensored

This Super Bowl commercial starts off with a woman stating that her boyfriend is a frozen food porn addict. He watches frozen food content up to two or three times a day and she recently found his hidden stash.

It’s incredible how much the commercial sounds like a man who has a porn addiction, and she even calls him the 3-minute man — as he watches his frozen food cook in the microwave for the entire three minutes.

The poor woman does everything to save her marriage, including spicing things up by making a home-cooked dinner for a candlelight date. However, his issues continue to become problematic, as he starts spending his time at work looking at frozen food videos.

However, the more the girlfriend keeps resisting and fighting the issue, the more she feels drawn to the delicious Devour frozen foods. Slowly, she becomes a Devour frozen foods lover too, telling the cameras that it is hard to resist the urge to eat their foods.

The commercial ends with the saying, “Never Just Eat, Devour.”

The Devour frozen foods Super Bowl commercial will surely have people laughing, as it is a clever take on a serious addiction, but one that many people can relate to, as the Devour frozen foods selection is delicious.

The Super Bowl airs on Sunday, February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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