Desus & Mero’s hilarious Women’s Day rundown on Donald Trump with guest Crissle West

Desus & Mero dissect the International Women's Day and how Trump talks about the ladies
Desus, Crissle West & Mero dissect the International Women’s Day and how Trump talks about the ladies

In a hilarious send up of POTUS Donald Trump’s tweets about International Women’s Day, VICELAND stars Desus & Mero’s review of the president’s salute to women was the jump off point last night in an unmissable clip from their nightly show.

In the clip below, Mero reads Trump’s tweets seriously as Desus parrots what he imagines Trump’s inner voice to actually be saying about “broads, babes, the ladies with the fun jugs” while Mero reads Trump’s woman’s day salutation adding to it: “except Muslim countries, I don’t bang with you n*****!”

They also review the awful unedited Trump and Billy Bush conversation, the one where Trump says he “grabs ’em [women] by the p****.”

This fantastically funny series airs week nights and continues the free-fall conversations of the “Bodega Boys” podcast that features Bronx high school pals Desus Nice and The Kid Mero.

Some things are just hard to take back once you say them…

Dominican Neuvo Yorker Mero has a pile of kids, while Desus is a free agent. Together they dissect pop culture, the news and even race with lots of attention to Trumpito [Donald Trump], “turtle” Mitch McConnell and “cute old baby” Jeff Sessions.

Crissle West also makes an appearance as she visits her homeboys, whom she’s known forever.

She teases Desus and Kid Mero about their love for white women. Desus admited he was a “wild hater” and has come around to her side. Crissle talks about how she knew she “was exceptional” and that she was different than everybody else, and Desus and Mero nearly fake her out that Bey (Beyonce) was in their studio wanting to meet her:

Desus & Mero airs weeknights at 11:00P on VICELAND

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