Desus & Mero: Trump’s Antifa mix, ‘Amy Schumer’s wildin” and Russell Peters

Desus Nice
Desus Nice showing us his tears of sadness that POTUS has the nuclear codes on Desus & Mero

Last night’s Desus & Mero riffed on Trump’s Phoenix rally where POTUS used a party-like way to say “Antifa.”

The duo revisited Trump’s recent rally where the president’s limited knowledge of geography, the “blacks for Trump” guy standing behind POTUS at the rally, and muse on what Desus & Mero would be like if FOX News was paying them instead of VICELAND.

Additionally, the hosts pointed out one very interesting sound bite from Tuesday’s rally: Trump’s exuberant pronunciation of “Antifa.”

The two Bronx-bred pals Desus Nice and The Kid Mero also reviewed a shocking video where two blonde white women brawled over some racial remarks.

The guest of the night was comedian Russell Peters, the Brampton (Canada) native talked about being West Indian and growing up in a town where he was the minority, except now he jokes that there are “too many” Indians in Brampton when he returns to visit.

But first, watch as Desus cries over the fact this man has the nuclear codes:

Trump and his party cry for Antifa:

The latest Charlottesville news from Trump in Trump’s words:

“Amy Schumer is wildin'” according to Desus:

Watch Russell Peters who recounts his unusual and expensive way to deal with his after-breakfast number two while on the road:

Desus & Mero airs Monday through Thursday weeknights at 11 PM on VICELAND.

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