Desus & Mero host Joey Bada$$ and uncover Aussie penis lies with science’s help

Rapper Joey Bada$$ discusses his role in ‘Mr. Robot’ and his rap career

March 9 saw a riotous episode of VICELAND’s hottest stars Desus & Mero covered a wide swath of subjects, culminated by an appearance with actor, rapper and model Joey Bada$$.

The guys opened the show by tipping their baseball hats to the late Brooklyn-born rapper Biggie Smalls, who was cut down in a hail of bullets back in 1997 in LA, making the East coast-West coast feuds even stronger in the rap community.

Also on this episode, the guys cited a scientific study that proved Australian men lie about the size of their junk the most in the entire world.

A graphic the twoput up demostrating how Aussie men lie about their junk

Bronx pals Desus Nice and The Kid Mero sound off from their studios in Brooklyn, and they feature Mr. Robot guest star Joey Bada$$ who talks about the good and the bad of Brooklyn changing. Mero and Bada$$ chiming in saying: “it’s like a movie set now.”

Bada$$ also pulls Mero’s leg pretending to not understand what a “thespian” is.  Joey B. talks about his early rise to fame and the effects of Malia Obama’s wearing of his shirt on Instagram. He claimed that the Secret Service actually contacted him to ask he stop spreading the post.

Aussie penis lies backed up by science. “Shout out to whoever wrote that grant,” says Kid mero::

“Old Latino people” couple A-Rod and Jenny on the block, their relationship is scrutinized by Desus & Mero, plus J-Lo’s former husband Marc Anthony’s beard is dissed and Desus still has hope for a pop at J-Lo:

Joey Bada$$ is a multihyphenate whose rainbow spelled out ‘Peace and Love”:

Desus & Mero airs weeknights at 11 PM E/P on VICELAND

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