Destiney Rose: Who is new Shahs of Sunset star?

Destiney Rose posing in a black dress for Shahs of Sunset
Destiney Rose in her promotional photo for Shahs of Sunset Season 6

Shahs of Sunset is back for Season 6, and there’s a new Shah on the scene — Destiney Rose.

But who is she, and where will you have you seen her before?

Destiney, 36, first became known to television viewers as one of the stars of People’s Couch, which aired for four seasons from 2013 to 2016 on Bravo.

The show filmed the reactions of real people watching shows on TV, and was based on the popular British show Gogglebox.

Destiney would appear on the show with her sister Cathy, and at the time was a general manager at a nightclub, where Cathy worked under her as a supervisor and bartender.

Her interests were listed as classic cars and a whole host of weapon-based hobbies — fencing, archery, knives and firearms.

Both her and her sister were certified to make citizen’s arrests.

As Shahs of Sunset began filming, Destiney was scaling back her life in the nightclub industry and working in party planning as she tried to get a more healthy work environment.

She got involved in Shahs as she’s a good friend of co-stars Reza Farahan and Shervin Roohpavar.

She’s also friendly with Newlyweds star Tara Radcliffe.

Destiney is known for being opinionated and is strong-willed. Her Twitter bio reads: “When the system fails you, you create your own system.”

Her banner picture at the time of writing was a neon sign reading: “Go f*** thyself.”

Looks wise, she’s a dead ringer for Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

Her penchant for wearing bright colors in both clothing and makeup gained her some fans.

Her Instagram was private at the time of writing, but she already had nearly 6,000 followers on Twitter.

Shahs of Sunset airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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