Derrick Levasseur visits Big Brother 20 — Everything you need to know about the Big Brother 16 winner

Derrick Levasseur in the Big Brother diary room
Derrick Levasseur visits Big Brother 20. Pic credit: CBS

Derrick Levasseur is regarded as one of the best Big Brother players in the 20 seasons that have aired. He was on Big Brother 16 and took home the grand prize after the jury voted for him to win.

Watching Derrick Levasseur play the game kept viewers on their toes. He was able to manipulate the house while keeping a straight face, something that many have tried but were unsuccessful in doing.

Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Derrick Levasseur is an undercover cop. He didn’t let his profession be known, something that likely helped him in the game.

On day two of Big Brother 16, Derrick teamed up with Cody Calafiore to form a final two alliance. Throughout the entire season, they looked out for one another and made it to the end.

It was something that shocked many viewers because typically alliances fall apart and turn on one another before they can get to the end.

Aside from his alliance with Cody, Derrick Levasseur was a part of “Team America” during Big Brother 16. Donny Thompson and Frankie Grande were the other two team members and after the three of them completed the tasks they were given, they won $75,000 each.

After winning the big prize, Derrick Levasseur became one of the most highly-regarded players in the 20 seasons of Big Brother.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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