Debra Winger on The Ranch: What happened to Maggie in part 7?

Debra Winger from The Ranch
Debra Winger from The Ranch. Pic credit: Netflix

The Ranch returned this weekend with Part 7, and most of the events in the latest outing have the internet buzzing, especially the finale which has a ton of fans making theories on what exactly transpired. Not bad for a sitcom.

But one aspect involving Part 7 has fans asking a question about a missing character. And that character is Maggie Bennet played by Debra Winger.

But what exactly is going on? Where is Maggie in The Ranch Part 7?

Well, here is everything to know about Maggie’s whereabouts and if Debra Winger will return to The Ranch.

Where is Debra Winger in The Ranch Part 7?

While Debra Winger has never been in every episode of every season — typically departing for various reasons — she has been a series regular up until this point. That is until Part 7 where she made no appearances at all.

The actress did hint that she might not return in October 2018 telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens:

“It’s back. There are 20 new ones being shot. I may or may not be in them.”

One has to note that this is a very cryptic answer and can mean anything. On the one hand, it could mean she is done with the show entirely. On the other, it could mean they are saving her reappearance for the last 10 episodes in Part 8.

Either way, only time will tell if Winger will return to The Ranch for one last time.

Where is Maggie in The Ranch Part 7?

The last time we saw Maggie was Part 6, episode 7. In the show, she mentions having to go back to Florida to help her sister, Aunt Karen who is suffering from cancer. She makes a return to grab some of Rooster’s old belongings before jetting off to the Sunshine State.

Before she goes, she gives Luke her blessing to stay in her cabin and gives him advice about handling Colt amidst his struggles.

Will she return for Part 8 if one of the Bennett boys becomes entangled by some legal disputes surrounding Nick? It’s entirely possible, but with only 10 more episodes left, she is running short on time.

We’ll have to see once The Ranch Part 8 drops in the coming months.

The Ranch Part 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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