Deadliest Catch: Things go from bad to worse on the Northwestern

Captain of the Northwestern Sig Hansen deals with his escalating problems on Deadliest Catch

The Northwestern was plunged into darkness as a fire destroyed their electrics at the end of the June 21 episode of Deadliest Catch — now the captain and crew have to deal with it before it’s too late.

Cameras were rolling as the drama unfolded on the boat around 250 miles off the coast of Alaska. Captain Sig Hansen and his brother Edgar have to tell the crew to stay calm as they spring into action to stop the fire from ravaging the vessel.

After assessing the situation they quickly move to fight the fire with CO2, as the clip below from the July 5 episode Fire at Sea: Part 2 shows.

But after their first ordeal things go from bad to worse as the fishermen discover the blaze has stopped the pumps working to the crab ‘slack tanks’ — meaning they are filling with water and threatening to cause the boat to capsize.

They must urgently work to fix the problem because if a bad swell were to hit, they’d be doomed. But will Edgar manage to get the pumps working again in time?

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery

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