Deadliest Catch: Sig has heart attack on tonight’s episode

Sig clutches his chest as the heart attack takes hold on tonight's Deadliest Catch
Sig clutches his chest as the heart attack takes hold on tonight’s Deadliest Catch

The episodes of Deadliest Catch we’ve all been waiting for are finally here — as the stress gets too much for Sig and he suffers a heart attack on the Northwestern while out at sea.

We all knew this was coming as the heart attack was well publicised at the time of filming, and Sig has spoken extensively about his experience in recent weeks and months.

But the drama begins to unfold in spectacular fashion on tonight’s Deadliest Catch as Sig reaches his limits after his vessel is battered by huge waves and high winds in ferocious storms.

The episode is titled The Widowmaker: Part 1 — and is named after the ominous term people use for a heart attack where the main artery down the front of the heart becomes completely blocked.

Sig, 50, is down to a four-man crew again when the ordeal unfolds, after daughter Mandy went back to school.

However, he had no choice but to brave the treacherous conditions as he bids to meet his quota of 117,000lbs of snow crab, even despite a series of dramas in recent weeks including a fire on board.

Things finally get too much.

The preview clip below shows the build-up to Sig’s heart attack in tonight’s two-hour episode, which will be continued in next week’s season finale in The Widowmaker: Part 2.

Watch as the Northwestern is hit by an absolutely massive wave that knocks out the power and starts another fire on board, as Sig starts to feel the stress.

Also watch below as Sig appears on TODAY back in March talking about the experience, including how the US Coast Guard had to carry out a medevac to get him to hospital as quickly as possible.

He says: “I was lucky. It was a 50/50 chance. It felt like massive heartburn, and all this stuff through my neck, and you just clench over. It’s terrible.

“But, I’m still here. I’m too stubborn to die, come on!”

Watch Deadliest Catch episode The Widowmaker: Part 1 tonight at 9/8c on Discovery.

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