Deadliest Catch exclusive: Is The Wizard cursed this season?

Monty Colburn
“Mouse” aka Monty saves the day for Capt. Keith Colburn and the Wizard crew

You might want to rethink visiting Captain Keith Colburn on his famous Wizard for a photo op. The boat is cursed this season!

On tonight’s Deadliest Catch, Colburn and company get zero breaks as the Bering Sea is roiling and ready to capsize the big boat. No lie.

If you recall, last week deckhand Crosby almost became human chum. Then the week prior Gary Soper was kneecapped and felled by an icy rogue wave.

Keith’s brother Monty Colburn saves the day as he spots the split in the intake pipe that is exposed to waves and sea water.

Captain Keith Colburn is plagued this season

This is calamitous in that the rough seas are aiding the swamping of the boat. The Wizard is now listing starboard as the tanks and underside of the boat are filling up frighteningly fast. It was fortunate that the rip in the line was spotted before it became too late.

Monty has an ingenious fix.

He takes an old neoprene survival suit and reshapes it, tailoring it to fit over the fuel tank vent keeping water from flooding in.

Impressed by the resourcefulness of his brother, Keith says: “You can see the guys up forward working, that’s kind of ingenious, actually.”

Pummeled relentlessly by the Bering Sea this season, Keith is beside himself with worry still, but “Mouse” aka brother Monty pulls off the eleventh-hour fix, and it sticks!

Relieved that this problem of the day is solved, Keith says: “That’s something that we can’t really work on out here.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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