Deadliest Catch exclusive: Capt. Keith Colburn’s son Caelan spews on deck of Wizard

Caelan Colburn turns an actual shade of green as he battles sea-sickness on Deadliest Catch

In last Tuesday’s episode of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, viewers watched as Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski tried to maintain control in rough seas.

Now this week on Captain Keith Colburn’s Wizard, his greenhorn son Caelan Colburn is taken ill on deck, practically collapsing while violently vomiting as he tries to complete the day’s work.

Our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode shows Caelan actually turning a shade of green as he struggles with sea-sickness.

The Wizard’s relief captain Monte Colburn says before Caelan falls ill: “He just said he was doing good, then in eight hours he’ll be doing alright and then eight hours from that he’ll probably be like ‘damn’!”

Then, eight hours in, Caelan starts to fade.

Caelan steadying himself as he takes a deep breath
Caelan starts to look queasy as he struggles with the movement of the waves

No bait is found in the pots, meaning somebody is screwing up.

“One guy we can blame for that,” says Monte in reference to Caelan, adding: “The first day’s bad, the second day’s misery. We’ll see in a couple of days where he’s at.”

Monte shares how the first days for greenhorns are the roughest

Listening to what’s transpiring on deck and manning the wheel, Captain Keith says: “We really don’t have the luxury of making mistakes this year and that’s probably what has me the most nervous.”

The task is daunting as Colburn needs to have 185 pots properly baited and off the deck.

This rapid fire baiting and setting of the pots has the crew of the Wizard working late into the night.

Captain Keith Colburn monitors his son’s illness on this week’s Deadliest Catch

But Caelan can’t take it any more, retreating into a corner before bending over and throwing up repeatedly on deck.

Capt. Keith knows there is nothing he can do. He says of his son: “He’ll be fine.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery

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