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Deadliest Catch exclusive: Blizzard ‘like trying to fish while doing lightspeed’

Snow blowing towards the camera at speed as seen from the Wizard's cockpit, with an inset of Capt. Keith Colburn
Captain Keith Colburn and the view from his cockpit, like the “lightspeed” scenes from Star Wars

Deadliest Catch channels Star Wars tonight on Discovery — as a fierce snowstorm makes Captain Keith Colburn’s job “like trying to fish while doing lightspeed”.

White-out conditions on the Bering Sea put a major damper on the work schedule of his crew aboard the Wizard.

The past few weeks we have watched as Keith’s son Caelan Colburn learned the ropes as a greenhorn. Caelan had a severe case of seasickness, violently vomiting as he tried to complete his first day’s work.

Then, Uncle Monty taught his nephew to properly toss the 800-lb pots and buoys without becoming tangled up in the flying metal that could pull him to a fast and certain death.

Now in our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode we see Captain Keith wanting to reset his pots in a blizzard — but he has to find them first.

Capt. Keith struggles to see as he looks for his pots, saying: “We are down to like zero visibility now.”

Then, spotting a marker come out of the night, he says: “There it is, wow!”

Frustrated by the snowy curveball ruining his ability to see anything, Keith says: “It’s probably going to take me twice as long to haul these pots as it normally would just because I’m blind.

“I mean I am absolutely literally right in the middle of the blizzard with the snow coming down.”

The snow is blowing in at such speed that it gives the impression of long white lines coming towards Capt. Keith and his crew.

On deck they describe it as “like trying to fish while you’re doing lightspeed”, in reference to the scenes from Star Wars where starships travel through “hyperspace” with blurred white lines forming around them.

Even Capt. Keith’s brother Monty has had it with the worsening weather.

Monty Colburn looking out at the night, with a subtitle reading 'It's gonna get worse'
While Capt. Keith has a roof over his head, Monty is working in the thick of it

The storm is increasing and the visibility is grim.

The next spot the crew heads to is barely visible in the driving snowstorm. Then a crustacean miracle occurs — pot after pot they pull up is loaded with crab!

The crew of the Wizard on deck sorting crab in the snowstorm
The silver lining of the snowstorm is crab — and lots of it

The crew finds the pots and pull up some full cages as Captain Keith appears very relieved.

He says: “I’ll tell you what, with this storm…I don’t think we’re going to get rich, but we’re going to get something done.

“If we could grind our way through and just work our way through this big storm, that’ll be an accomplishment in itself.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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