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Dead to Me: Did Judy kill Jen’s husband Ted?

Dead to Me: Did Judy Kill Jen’s husband Ted?
The overall mystery of Dead To Me is whether Judy killed Jen’s husband Ted. Pic credit: Netflix

The new Netflix series Dead to Me has a mystery concerning the death of a man but the answer to the “who did it” question is not as clear as some might think.

This is a good thing, as it gives the new Netflix original some depth other similar “whodunnit” series doesn’t offer.

Spoilers follow for the Netflix original series Dead to Me.

Did Judy Kill Jen’s husband Ted on Dead to Me?

So, did Judy (Linda Cardellini) kill Jen’s (Christina Applegate) husband Ted before the two women began to bond over the tragedy?

The simple answer is — yes.

The first episode of Dead To Me clues in viewers on the guilt of Judy, as she has a car in storage that clearly hit someone.

By the end of the second episode, it turns out that Judy did hit someone with her car on the night that Ted was hit and killed.

Yes, it was Ted that Judy hit with her car but she was not the one who made it murder.

Who was really responsible for killing Jen’s husband Ted?

Judy was not alone in her car on that fateful night. Riding with her was her ex-fiancé Steve (James Marsden).

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It was Steve that pressured Judy to make the terrible decision to leave the scene of the incident, turning an accident into a hit and run. Judy wanted to go back, but Steve is not a good guy and made her keep going.

Judy is still guilty since she let Steve manipulate her but Dead To Me goes a long way to make Steve look like the true villain, as he promised to stick by her and helped her get rid of the evidence but then said he would testify against her if it came down to it.

Steve knew that he was going to get into trouble if an investigation occurred since he was involved in money laundering and figured turning over testimony in a murder trial would save him.

How did Judy deal with this?

Judy is a good person inside and the guilt of what Steve manipulated her into doing went with her since the incident.

Finally, the guilt overwhelmed her and she turned in Steve for money laundering and admitted to Jen that she did accidentally kill her husband Ted.

Jen knows that Judy would have tried to save Ted if she was alone in the car that night, and that gave Dead To Me a satisfying conclusion when Jen takes matters into her own hands.

Dead to Me is currently streaming on Netflix.

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