Dark Matter creators seek fan support to get show back on air with AMA and Tweetstorm

The Dark Matter cast
The cast of Dark Matter, which was cancelled by Syfy following the end of Season 3

A few weeks back, Syfy made the decision to renew Killjoys for two additional seasons but chose to cut Dark Matter from its schedule.

The last episode of Dark Matter ended with a huge cliffhanger which saw some massive cruisers coming through from the parallel universe with ill intent.

There were many plot threads left hanging, which fans would love to see get resolution. So it’s understandable they were upset when the show got cut.

Dark Matter has been a mainstay in Syfy’s summer schedule for the past three years and it is a show that is as loved by the fans as Killjoys. It’s a show that is worth saving and a lot of fan efforts are happening.

Now series creator Joseph Mallozzi needs fan support to make it happen.

Mallozzi, who is not one to give up easy, has started a movement to try and get the show picked up elsewhere.

Netflix is one option that he is looking at, which would be an option that most fans would likely support.

To this end, he is asking for support from the fans to show Netflix that the series is a viable proposition.

In order to do this, the cast of the show will be attending an Ask Me Anything event on Reddit tonight at 7pm EDT.

Joining him to answer questions will be Two (Melissa O’Neil), Three (Anthony Lemke), Four (Alex Mallari Jr.), Five (Jodelle Ferland), and The Android (Zoie Palmer).

Added to the AMA event is a “Tweetstorm”, which will take place at 9 pm EDT.

If you’d like to see Dark Matter pick up from where things left off, you can show your support by joining the Tweetstorm — which will use a secret hashtag announced closer to 9pm at @DarkMatterFTL.

The AMA and Tweetstorm are a call to arms for fans to come together and save this great show.

So if you love Dark Matter, help join the cause — you’re our only hope!

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