Dance Moms spoiler: Gianina accidentally shows the current ALDC team on her vlog– is Brady back?

Dance Moms
Who will be on the new Dance Moms team? Pic credit: Lifetime

In the most recent episode of Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller bid adieu to dancer Brady Farrar, whom she dubbed the best dancer on the team.

Unfortunately, his farewell swan song didn’t get the attention his mother felt he deserved — and teammate Gianina Paolantonio beat him in her solo.

After losing to Gianina, Brady’s mother threw a farewell cake the other moms had gotten her clear across the room in anger. Yep, that happened.

Abby announced that they would be saying goodbye to Brady either for a few months, or for good, and wouldn’t divulge which one it would be.

But, from a vlog posted by Dance Moms dancer, Gianina, we now know that Brady definitely makes his way back onto the team.

The vlog, posted on June 18, shows the ALDC dancers visiting Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa in Cleveland to dance in her concert. It also shows footage of Gianina’s 14th birthday, in which her team crowds around her to celebrate.

This footage begins at around 5 minutes and 45 seconds.

Brady is very clearly in the footage, as is Elliana Walmsley, who was previously on the show and from teasers, seems to return later in the season.

Not in the vlog is Kamryn, who according to press photos, will also be joining the cast later. Also missing is Savannah. It’s unclear if the girls are missing because they’re no longer part of the team, or because they weren’t at the party.

Although Abby threatened other team members with the ultimatum of being sent home, it seems none of them are going home permanently, except possibly Savannah.

Tune in to Dance Moms on Tuesdays at 9/8 central on Lifetime for the latest drama!

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