Connor Jessup on Locke & Key: Here is where you know Tyler Locke from on Netflix original series

Connor Jessup on Locke & Key: Here is where you know Tyler Locke from on Netflix original series
Connor Jessup on Locke & Key. Pic credit: Ken Woroner/Netflix

Locke & Key has finally arrived on Netflix after over a decade in development.

Based on the critically acclaimed Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic book series, Locke & Key tells the story of Nina Locke, a new widow who moves her children across the country to her late husband’s family estate.

However, once they arrive, the youngest son Bode finds a magical key and accidentally unleashes a demon that he has to stop with his brother Tyler and sister Kinsey.

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Tyler on Locke & Key

Tyler is the oldest son on Locke & Key, a high school hockey player from Seattle who is now trying to make it in the coastal town of Matheson, Massachusettes.

He is more popular than his younger sister but feels some guilt for the death of his father. Not only was Tyler unable to get into his house to save his dad’s life, but he also feels he was partially responsible for the murderer’s actions.

Tyler is able to meet other popular jocks and even finds a girl who falls for him, but his guilt and the mysteries of the keys of Key House makes it almost impossible for him to fit in.

While Tyler was important in the comics, he had an even larger role to play in the Netflix series as it took several of Bode’s moments and handed them off to his brother and sister.

Who is Connor Jessup on Locke & Key?

Connor Jessup plays Tyler on Locke & Key.

Jessup is a 25-year-0ld actor playing a teenager on the series, but he makes it work well. He is also no stranger to paranormal television.

After starting acting at the age of 11, he worked in stage projects, children’s television, and indie films, before he got a big role in a network series.

That series was the sci-fi series Falling Skies and Jessup starred on the show for five seasons.

Not only that, but Jessup was one of the main stars of the show about a post-apocalyptic world following an alien invasion. Jessup was Ben Mason, the son of the show’s main character Tom Mason (Noah Wyle).

He was the son abducted by the aliens and ended up hearing them in his head even after he was rescued. Ben fights in the war and also helps out the rebel aliens.

Later, Jessup starred in the Emmy-winning series American Crime on ABC. He was Taylor Blaine, the sexual assault accuser in season two of the series. In season three, he returned as Coy Henson, a young man addicted to drugs.

Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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