Cliff Hogg from Big Brother’s wife Sharon keeps him going strong

Cliff Hogg In BB21 House
Cliff Hogg uses his wife Sharon as inspiration while inside the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Cliff Hogg is a member of the Big Brother 21 cast and despite being locked inside a house all summer, he has done his best to keep his wife at the forefront of his mind.

During the September 1 episode of the show, Cliff spoke about his wife, Sharon, and a segment was shown where he danced with her in the house. She wasn’t there physically, but Cliff could see her when he closed his eyes.

Cliff is a 53-year-old petroleum engineer from Texas. He had to leave his family behind to take a chance at becoming the Big Brother 21 winner this summer.

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As the cast reaches 75 days of playing the game, it is starting to take a toll on the people still inside the house. Having zero direct contact with their loved ones is difficult, sometimes leading to the houseguests speaking to the cameras.

Cliff Hogg’s secret message: SKD143

There is something that Cliff does to speak with his family each time he knows that the show is live on the East Coast. Cliff will state the phrase “SKD143” and his family knows what he is referencing every time.

We reported on the phrase a bit earlier. The first part, which is the SKD, represents the initials of his loved ones. They correlate to Sharon (wife), Kelly (daughter), and Daniel (son). As for the 143, it is something that was used on Mr. Rogers many years ago, and it means “I love you.”

At other times, Cliff will get up early in the morning and speak directly to Sharon, Kelly, and Daniel through the live feed cameras. He is often up earlier than the rest of the BB21 cast members, giving him time to address his family.

Cliff has made it to the final seven so far this season, with hopes that he can make it all the way to the final two. There is a tough road ahead, especially since he has more than 20 days before he will get to see his family again. Maybe getting named America’s Favorite Houseguest from the Big Brother 21 cast could help out Cliff Hogg and his family?

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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