Classic wordplay with comedic master George Carlin in getTV special

George Carlin was an intellectual comedian who loved to riff on language

Fans of the late comedic master George Carlin are in for a vintage TV treat tonight as getTV features one of his classic comedy sets as part of the 1977 variety special Mac Davis: Sounds Like Home.

I was fortunate to see George Carlin on tour in 1978, as he wielded his intellect and wit deconstructing the English language and riffing on oxymorons.

Now those who weren’t around or lucky enough to see Carlin live can revisit the trailblazing comic in the getTV special appearance.

The variety show, Mac Davis: Sounds Like Home, is part of getTV’s Monday Night Variety Block.

A wordsmith extraordinaire, Carlin loved “curling up with a good dictionary, checkin’ out those words”.

Words and people? Not much different according to Carlin.

In the preview below, Carlin says: “Sometimes they mean what they say, sometimes they don’t,” as he dissects the word paper clip saying: “They’re metal clips!”, and ‘Civil War’, saying: “Can you imagine a war being civil?”

Words and turns of phrases delight Carlin’s intellect as he says that ‘hernia’ oughtta be called a ‘his-nia!’”

If you have ever wondered why they say “deplane”, and not “decar” and “deboat”? This special is right up your alley!

Mac Davis: Sounds Like Home featuring George Carlin airs tonight, March 13, 2017 at 10 p.m. ET on getTV.

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