Chicago Med return: Details for new episodes revealed

Dr Marcel Chicago Med
Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med returns with new episodes soon.

All three One Chicago shows have been on an extended hiatus, but new content begins arriving on May 3.

The great news is that May will feature four consecutive weeks with new episodes for each show.

A lot of drama has been taking place on Chicago Med Season 8, with the show recently focusing on the deteriorating health of Dr. Dean Archer (played by Steven Weber).

In a TV promo for the May 3 episode of Chicago Med, Dr. Archer’s health is of primary concern again.

Ahead of the new episodes debuting, NBC has released some details to get fans buzzing.

Chicago Med May 2023 episode details

“The fate of the hospital rests on the vote of an incapacitated board member,” begins the synopsis for the May 3 episode called Look Closely and You Might Hear the Truth.

“Archer helps a mother with a rare stem cell disease while Hannah treats the woman’s pregnant daughter. Charles encounters a schizophrenic patient with a serious hearing impairment,” continues the synopsis for Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 19.

The synopsis appears to bury the lead regarding what happens with Dr. Archer, suggesting there could be a few dramatic moments during the night.

On Wednesday, May 10, another new episode of Chicago Med debuts. That episode is called The Winds of Change Are Starting to Blow.

Some of these details might be considered Chicago Med spoilers since they are based on what happened the previous night.

“Maggie clashes with Charles on a patient who’s distrustful of hospitals. Crockett and Will fight against Med’s new policies to save their cancer patient. Hannah and Archer pull surprising things out of their unsuspecting patients,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 20.

More news from One Chicago

Drama has been brewing on Chicago Fire, with Matt Casey returning to warn people about a possible domestic terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, the writers hinted that Kelly Severide is gone for the season. Outside of the show, actor Taylor Kinney returned to social media. Taylor and his girlfriend have been having some fun together.

And Chicago P.D. has finished filming for Season 10. A teaser about the Chicago P.D. season finale was posted on social media, creating buzz among fans.

In some drama off the set, Jesse Lee Soffer was impersonated by someone trying to scam people. He took to social media to warn his followers about the drama.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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