Chicago Fire spoilers: Showrunner reveals some upcoming plot points

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David Eigenberg has been great as Christopher Herrmann on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire spoilers about upcoming Season 9 episodes have been revealed by showrunner Derek Haas. While they aren’t going to be mind-blowing pieces of information, it sheds some light on what’s to come in the final episodes before the show heads out on its summer hiatus.

So far on Chicago Fire Season 9, there has been a lot of relationship drama, several characters questioning their careers, and the addition and removal of certain characters.

Some cast shuffling has also taken place this season on the show, beginning with the introduction of Adriyan Rae as Gianna Mackey. We didn’t get to see that character for very long, as Rae asked to leave the Chicago Fire cast.

Taking Mackey’s slot as the partner of Sylvie Brett has been Violet Mikami (played by Hanako Greensmith), who had previous ties to firefighter Blake Gallo. Since we had already seen Violet on the show, it was a pretty seamless transition.

Now, we get to learn a few pieces of information about what’s still to come on the show this spring.

Chicago Fire spoilers for Season 9

The Chicago Fire showrunner provided TVLine with a few tidbits about plot points for upcoming episodes, including part of what we are going to get to see on the Chicago Fire season finale.

According to Derek Haas, Scuba Severide is going to appear in the final episode of the season. It sounds like we are going to see a water rescue, which means Severide gets to suit up and likely make another important save.

“Yes, that is a major storyline that will resolve this season,” Haas said about the current storyline of Stella Kidd trying to become a Lieutenant. “The 24 hours before her exam are quite… stressful.”

Yikes! It sounds like Kidd might have to prove her worth on the job right before she has to go take what will be the most important test of her career (so far at least). That should definitely add an extra layer of drama and stress to a tense episode.

More new episodes of Chicago Fire to come

The next new episode of Chicago Fire is scheduled to debut on Wednesday, April 21. It’s one that is going to focus on Mouch making an incredible save, but also on a mystery man who has helped to save his neighbor. We are also going to see Matt Casey deal more with that injury that might have derailed his entire career as a firefighter.

The show comes back the very next week with a new episode on April 28 as well, but then we are into the month of May, where Chicago Fire Season 9 will air its final episode of the year. That’s sad news, especially since it seems to be coming up far too quickly on the calendar.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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