Chicago Fire reveals episode date for Matt Casey’s return

Casey Photo Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer stars as Captain Matthew Casey on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire is bringing back Jesse Spencer to play Matthew Casey again this spring.

By now, most fans of the show have heard about this great news.

The bad news, though, is that it is still unclear when or if Taylor Kinney is coming back to play Kelly Severide again.

It was only recently revealed what happened to the character, with Severide getting written out of the show for now.

This means the upcoming episode won’t feature Severide and Casey hanging out together as many classic episodes have done in the past.

Still, it’s going to be good to see Casey helping out his pals at Firehouse 51 for the first time this season.

When is Matt Casey returning to Chicago Fire?

The Chicago Fire return date for Matt Casey has been set for Wednesday, April 5. This will be the first time that the character has been on the show since the Spring 2022 season finale.

Already, many Chicago Fire fans have posted about Casey’s return, nearly all of which are hoping that he is going to be back on a permanent basis.

As it stands, this looks like just a guest appearance for that week, with the character likely heading right back to Portland when the episode comes to a close.

What episode of Chicago Fire is Jesse Spencer on?

Jesse Spencer is slated to appear in Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 18 on April 5. That will be the third straight new episode of the show after One Chicago returns from its latest hiatus.

Next up, though, Stella Kidd has a gun drawn on her, making for a very dramatic moment in the new installment. That episode debuts on Wednesday, March 22.

It’s also going to be a busy night, with Brian Tee’s Chicago Med episode starting off the evening at 8/7c. After he stopped playing Dr. Ethan Choi on the hit drama, Brian was invited to come back and direct an episode.

And to finish out the night, Jesse Lee Soffer’s Chicago P.D. episode will be debuting at 10/9c. He also got a chance to step behind the camera after playing Detective Jay Halstead for years.

More from One Chicago

There are many new episodes for each of the One Chicago dramas slated to come out this spring. The season finales should also arrive at some point during May of 2023.

And while everyone waits for the new content to arrive, previous episodes from the current seasons can be streamed on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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1 year ago

Bring Kelly back so him and Stella can enjoy being married! It’s very sad that on the series they ate apart more than they are together..a lot of fans has followed this series from the beginning and want them to be happy! Kelly was my main reason for watching Chicago Fire from the beginning until now! I’m very sad he had to leave the series..Kelly get straightened out and come back to us as soon as u can..much love always?

1 year ago

So eager to see Jesse Spencer again. Don’t want to be greedy but I’d love to see him more than just this one time.