What happened to Severide on Chicago Fire?

Taylor Kinney is Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney plays Kelly Severide on the hit One Chicago show. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire fans got their answers about what was happening with firefighter Kelly Severide.

After a big cliffhanger in the previous episode, there was a lot of mystery in the air, leaving fans in the lurch about what might happen next.

For a while, most viewers have known that Taylor Kinney (the actor who plays Severide) requested a leave of absence.

The hope has been that he would return to the show after a while, but nothing official has been announced yet.

While he has kept his reasons private, Taylor’s exit meant that the writers had to scramble to create a scenario for the show.

Several possible Severide exit theories were pondered, but the producers kept it under wraps until the March 1 episode finally debuted.

Where is Severide on Chicago Fire?

In Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 15, what was happening with Severide was revealed very early in the episode. It’s good that the show didn’t mess around with getting down to the facts.

Severide is now in Alabama for an arson investigation program. This is an open-ended assignment for him, and to explain the minutia of it all, Tom Van Meter from the Office of Fire Investigation spoke with Chief Boden about it.

Boden wasn’t pleased that he was given such short notice about it all, and Van Meter insinuated again that he would like Severide to transfer over to OFI at some point.

Some scenes with Stella Kidd (Severide’s wife) were also shown, including her having to deal with an empty apartment and Sylvie Brett commiserating with her about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship.

Chicago Fire fans are already missing Severide

Watching an episode of Chicago Fire without Kelly Severide has already been difficult for fans of the show, many of whom have taken to social media to post about it.

This is definitely a new direction for the hit drama, but also problematic due to Jesse Spencer (he played Matthew Casey) leaving the show last season.

Chicago Fire without Severide or Casey is definitely uncharted territory. Hopefully, the writing remains strong, and some other characters step up in a big way to carry the show for a while.

Following the March 1 episodes, One Chicago begins a long hiatus. It will be a while until new episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. debut again on NBC.

Something to look forward to is a new Chicago Med episode that Brian Tee worked on, which will debut at the end of March.

Likewise, Jesse Lee Spencer worked on a new Chicago P.D. installment that he said would air at the end of the month. Seeing him working behind the camera after playing Detective Jay Halstead for years will be very interesting.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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11 months ago

Casey leaving first was bad enough no severity how can u loose or ok the two major players within a month n not know when there comming back. Who know is going to do the sexy shots let alone b lietenients to smoke cigars to get answers

11 months ago


11 months ago

I hope Severide is okay. He looks so thin these last few episodes. My 4 year old grandaughter loves Kelly and plans to marry him. Be well and take care—

Judy McCammon
Judy McCammon
11 months ago

We do”♥️??MISS them”!!! I just Married Retired?Fire Chief❤️?for”37” YEARS!!! And I’ve watched Chicago?????FIRE from the Beginning!!! He had Never watch it!!!(“Todays, OUR FIRST??♥️WEDDING♥️?♥️ANNIVERSARY; and I just got him started Watching a few Months ago!!! We?♥️?LOVE US Some CHICAGO?FIRE!!!<“”?♥️?”!!!<