Exclusive: Chase and Holden stalk monster gator ‘Big Boy McCoy’ on Swamp People

Chase on Swamp People
Chase has his sights set on “Big Boy McCoy” on this week’s Swamp People

Get ready for this week’s Swamp People on History with our exclusive clip — which shows captain Chase Landry and his young cousin Holden stalking a bonafide monster on the bayou.

A few days before the footage is shot, Holden’s friend spotted a massive bubble trail and filmed it on his smartphone. These bubbles are a clear indicator that a huge gator lies beneath the murky swamp water, and the Landrys are pumped!

Chase has nicknamed this behemoth “Big Boy McCoy” as he and Holden plan an attack.

Will Chase show the King of the Swamp, aka his dad Troy Landry, that he’s got the stuff to haul in a record-breaking gator?

Chase and Holden stalk gator on Swamp People
Chase and Holden on their boat as they look for signs of a bubble trail in the water

A few weeks back, a soaking-wet Willie Edwards hauled in a near 13 footer all by himself. And then he did it AGAIN.

This episode may also see patriarch of the Edgar clan, Daniel, finally ease up on his “green” son Dwaine, who has just about had it with dear old dad’s critique of his gator-hunting style. Hopefully son Joey’s counsel last week sunk in that noggin of his.

The Edgar clan are always fun to watch too.

On a side-note, fans of the show can breathe easy that Ron Methvin’s sweet and silly Gunner the inquisitive chocolate lab will NOT be making an appearance this week — after nearly becoming gator lunch.

Watch for our recap Thursday night after the show airs!

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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