Charity & Andres on World of Dance: Story behind incredible dancing duo

Charity and Andres
Charity and Andres, a dynamic power couple, are competing on World of Dance. Pic credit: @charityandandres/Instagram

Charity and Andres, the power couple from Springville, Utah, label themselves as a Contemporary Duo. The two are best known now because of their appearance on NBC’s World of Dance, where these two 17-year-olds competed together against some amazing talents from around the world. While their dancing has impressed viewers, their journey hasn’t been an easy one.

While competing on World of Dance, Andres and Charity started to doubt themselves. Andres even told the judges on the show that they doubted if they even deserved to get perfect scores for their efforts.

However, the judges disagreed with them, giving them high scores for their weaker performances. Throughout the competition, their confidence has been tested, but they are now in the finale, which should show the duo that they have nothing to worry about.

But it isn’t just their confidence that suffered. During a dance, it became clear that injury was also something they had to deal with, including a broken toe.

“Coming into the Divisional Final, we were feeling so confident in ourselves, and then I was on his shoulders and I fell backward, and I landed first on my head and then my foot swung over and smashed into the floor. I broke my toe. We were really worried. This is my dominant foot, which I land on and jump off of, so we had to switch my dominant side to my right side.”

Even though these two are clearly committed to one another and to winning, they haven’t had the easiest of paths. Hopefully, their confidence – or, at times, lack thereof – won’t be the reason why their finale dances suffer. These two have plenty of supporters who want to see them win.

World Of Dance: World Final airs on Wednesday, September 12th at 8/7c on NBC.

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