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Chandlar from Pretty Little Mamas: Age, Instagram, bio and everything you need to know

Chandlar from MTV's Pretty Little Mamas
Chandlar from MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas

Pretty Little Mamas is the newest MTV show following a group of young moms — with cast member Chandlar right at the center of it all.

What makes this different than the Teen Mom franchise is that this group of women has been friends for years and they all have children and relationships.

Chandlar is recently back in with the girl squad after being exiled because they didn’t approve of her boyfriend, James. The two share a daughter together, but he was paralyzed after a BMX accident. Reconciling with Nicole put her back into the “it” group, but with the latest drama, she may not stay there.

On the show, Chandlar is expecting her second child. It will be her boyfriend’s first child but the two seem to have a rocky relationship. Aaron has been to rehab several times and still hasn’t managed to get himself together. Chandlar is frustrated, and when it is time to welcome their son, the two are arguing all the way to the hospital.

At just 25, Chandlar has a lot to think about moving forward. She is responsible for Aubrey and now, her son Jaxton. Her mom isn’t exactly a fan of Aaron, making it difficult to have the support system she needs.

The season of Pretty Little Mamas will follow Chandlar and her relationship with Aaron as they get ready to welcome their son. Aside from her personal drama, she will be helping some of the other women on the show and get caught in the middle of some pretty interesting situations.

Right now, Chandlar doesn’t appear to be too active on Instagram. Many of the photos shared are of her children and there hasn’t been too many since her son was born. That may change when the show begins airing and grows a fan base.

Pretty Little Mamas airs Thursday nights a 9/8c on MTV

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