Celebrity carolers spread festive cheer on Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol!

Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol!
Not a sight you seen everyday as Shaq and Ludacris get ready to sing on Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol!

Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol! is a one-off special featuring some very famous faces performing their own take on some classic Christmas carols.

The celebs are on the look out for people who need that little extra surprise to cheers them up and get them into the festive mood.

Some very familiar songs get given the star treatment as equally familiar faces sing for the public in some unusual situations.


Ludacris and Shaq are too funny and the sight of them in a giant snow globe has to be worth tuning in for alone.

If you’re struggling to feel very Christmassy this year, then this could be just the thing!

The jovial singers include  Shaquille O’Neal, Jane Lynch, Ludacris, Kenny G, Tony Sirico, Fred Willard, T-Pain, Conan O’Brien, Rashida Jones and Charles Barkley.

Watch Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol!  at 10 PM on TBS.

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