Catherine Bell teases upcoming episode of Good Witch with (faux) baby bump photo

Kylee, Cassie, Martha, and Abigail plan a baby shower for Claire
Preparing for the big baby shower on Good Witch. Pic credit: Crown Media

Good Witch star Catherine Bell gave fans a preview of Sunday night’s episode on her social media, reposting a Hallmark Channel promotional photo that showed her reclining on a couch cradling a large baby bump.

Her post read “wait…what??!”

Since Cassie’s daughter, Grace (Bailee Madison) is off at college, and there has been no hint that she and husband Sam (James Denton), are expecting, the photo surprised fans.

However, most were quick to figure out that the picture must be from a flashback.

One wrote, “was scrolling by and saw the bump…scrolled further down and then just WAIT WHAT!!! and straight back up to this post lol pretty sure its a flashback.”

Previews for Sunday night’s episode, The Delivery, show Cassie (Bell) helping Stephanie (Kylee Evans), Abigail (Sarah Power), and Martha (Catherine Disher) prepare a baby shower for Claire (Nicole Wilson).

A fan reacts on Facebook to a picture of Catherine Bell with a baby bump.
A fan reacts to Bell with a baby bump. Pic credit: Catherine Bell/Facebook

While setting up the party, Cassie has a flashback to when she was pregnant with her daughter Grace (Bailee Madison).

In another teaser, Sam finds Cassie in the kitchen in the middle of the night baking muffins. She says she is too excited to sleep, as it is only a few hours before Grace returns from a six-month stay in Spain. (Or, in her words, “Six months, three days.”)

Some fans took to social media expressing hope that Madison herself would be making a cameo on the show. Though she left after Season 5, Madison’s photo recently reappeared on the Good Witch website’s cast list.

Also in the episode, Cassie Abigail, and Joy (Katherine Barrell), continue to try to solve the mystery of the symbol made out of stones that Cassie recently discovered on the beach.

On last week’s episode, The Shell, Joy said she remembered making it as a child on the last day she spent with her parents, though she can’t remember why she made it or what it means.

She also showed the other women a shell her father found and gave to her with a strange symbol on it. In a preview for The Delivery, Joy said she thinks she knows that the symbol was for protection, though against what, she doesn’t know.

Finally, love may be in the air for Stephanie. In yet another teaser, she has a run-in with a handsome stranger who turns out to be her French teacher.

The Delivery will air Sunday, May 30, 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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