Catfish The TV Show: The story of Nique & Alice

Nique is looking for some answers from her online interest Alice. Pic credit: MTV

On tonight’s episode of Catfish The TV Show, Nev Schulman and singer Elle King will try to help Nique figure out who Alice is.

Nique tells Nev and Elle in an email that she is from Texas. She explains that she never felt she belonged in her little conservative town in Texas, so she used the internet to escape.

She also explained that she used Tumblr to escape, posting a role-playing scenario where she created a fictional character to encourage others to do the same. That’s when Alice contacted her, sharing that she had created a character named The Universe. Their conversations continued and Nique started developing feelings.

Nique tells Nev and Elle that Alice refuses to video chat with her. Alice is supposedly often on road trips with her friends, but doesn’t seem to make her way through Texas.

That’s when Elle chimes in that there are a few red flags when it comes to Alice. Nique tells Nev and Elle that things have gotten intimate in terms of pictures, and Nique reveals that they have a lot common.

During an emotional conversation with Nev and Elle, Nique explains that she had gone through a tremendously tough time, losing her house during Hurricane Harvey. She tried to harm herself and ended up calling 911. She then chose to reach out to Alice, who was there for her and helped her through this hard time.

But when they try to reach out to Alice, Nique learns that Alice has blocked her. Nev tries to reach out to Alice and she tells them not to come to Los Angeles to meet her. She then hangs up the phone.

But in a preview for the episode, they do end up going to a house, where Nique will meet someone. Whether it’s Alice or someone pretending to be Alice will be revealed during tonight’s episode of Catfish The TV Show.

Catfish The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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