Cas in trouble as British Men of Letters cause problems in Supernatural

Not looking good for Cas, but he's been through worse right?
Castiel is in trouble on this week’s episode of Supernatural

This week on Supernatural, the three amigos help out Mary but things are not quite what they seem.

Episode 12 of Season 12 sees Mary asking Dean, Sam and Castiel for some help on a case she is working.

However, she fails to tell the boys that the case also involves the British Men of Letters. This proves to be a bad idea and the truth comes out when she is betrayed in what could be a costly mistake.

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Long suffering Cas looks even more worse for wear than usual and begs them to run as he starts to succumb to a serious injury.

Not looking good for Cas, but he's been through worse right?
Not looking good for Cas, but he’s been through worse right?

“Please, please, don’t make my last moment be spent watching you die”  he pleads.

Last week, in an episode called Regarding Dean we saw Rowena return to help Sam puzzle out what had happened to Dean the night before. The elder Winchest brother having woken up not just forgetting the night before but just about everything else about himself, not the typical “Dean lost night.”

Luckily the witch who likes to bitch was helpful enough and the pair managed to have the spell placed on Dean reversed.

Will Cas pull through?

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