Caroline storms out of Julie’s dinner on Ladies of London

Ladies of London
Caroline Standbury has things to get off her chest as she chats to her makeup artist on Ladies of London

On this week’s Ladies of London, Julie’s first dinner party results in drama with Caroline Stanbury storming out.

Julie has her first chance to really play Lady of Manor as she hosts her first formal dinner party.

However, not all goes to plan and as tensions rise and Caroline storms out.

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Fishing on the Jurassic Coast
The beaches and coastline are spectacular in this part of Britain

A day’s fishing doesn’t help as Caroline Fleming and Juliet bad mouth Marissa.

They all head out on the Jolly Dodger to try a spot of fishing but hilarity ensues as some of the women are a bit squeamish about the bait.

The famous Jurassic Coast can't stop a bit of bitching
The famous Jurassic Coast can’t stop a bit of bitching

Meantime, Julie is keen to market the beautiful Jurassic Coast as part of the estate’s appeal. This 95 stretch of coastline is a World Heritage Site and stretches back through 185 million years to a time when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Talking to her makeup artist, Caroline Stanbury says she feels traumatized after the dinner. Plus she’s not impressed with Sophie’s attempt to get on a boat with a bunch of women she’d happily flatten.

She also says that after Sophie split with her brother, she really thought they’d always be friends, now she’s not so sure.

Catch Ladies of London – Tantrums and Titles at 10 PM on BRAVO.

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