Tears as Caroline Stanbury and Adela King continue drama on Ladies of London

Adela in tears as she talks to Caroline on this week's Ladies of London
Adela in tears as she talks to Caroline on this week’s Ladies of London

On this week’s Ladies of London, Adela King is left in tears during an emotional chat with Caroline Stanbury following last week’s drama at Julie Montagu’s Mapperton Estate.

Last week saw Caroline storm out of Julie’s dinner party, and she’s now questioning the loyalty of Sophie Stanbury — her soon to be ex sister-in-law.

Adela made Caroline cry last week after calling her “spoiled”, and their heart-to-heart comes as Marissa Hermer throws a cocktail party to try and heal the divisions in the group.

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Adela tells Sophie beforehand: “To be treated the way she’s treating me at the moment…I’ve got enough s**t going on!”

But she admits: “I can’t apologize for what I said, because I meant it. But I can apologize for hurting her feelings.”

Sophie takes a tiger stone to the party, to “ward off negative energy”. She says she’s nervous as she doesn’t want to get her head “ripped off” by Caroline — and feels everything has been “so blown out of proportion”.

After all, the argument started over Caroline refusing to go on a fishing trip.

However, when Adela has her emotional heart-to-heart with Caroline she ends up in tears as Caroline tells her: “When you’re in pain, you can’t take it out on the people closest to you.”

Adela weeps as she says: “I’ve tried so hard to change.”

This week’s Ladies of London also sees Julie Montagu have to deal with more big life changes as her daughter looks for a dress to wear to her school Leaver’s Ball ahead of a new life at university.

And Caroline Fleming is trying to come to terms with looking after the legacy of her family estate in Denmark, Valdemar’s Slot.

Ladies of London airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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