Cardi B Pepsi commercial for the 2019 Super Bowl with Steve Carell and Lil Jon: Watch the teasers, Okurrr!

Cardi B in Pepsi Commercial
Cardi B stars in Pepsi’s new Super Bowl commercial for 2019. Pic credit: Pepsi

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl and the popular commercials are starting to surface online.

This week, Pepsi’s commercial for the half-time show — featuring Cardi B, Steve Carell and Lil Jon — started to surface on YouTube in small clips.

The Pepsi Super Bowl commercial teases

Cardi B was the most attention-grabbing video to be shared. In the short clip, Cardi B is sitting in a diner, looking at the person across from her in a booth.

She’s tapping her long nails on a bedazzled can of Pepsi. Her nails are also Pepsi’s iconic colors.

In the end, Cardi B says her famous phrase “Okurrrr.”

Lil Jon’s Pepsi commercial tease was released four days before Cardi B’s.

In the 17-second clip uploaded to Pepsi’s YouTube channel, Lil Jon is in the same diner, pouring a cup of Pepsi.

Throughout the commercial, he’s silent but as he wraps up the pouring, he says his famous catch-phrase, “Okaaaaaay.”

In the third clip released by Pepsi, Steve Carell is sitting at the bar counter, looking through some papers. He explains that he’s looking at the script for the Pepsi Super Bowl spots.

As he reads, there’s a long silence before he erupts into laughter. At the end of the commercial, he says, “We’ll see.”

What can we expect from the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial?

It’s hard to say now how this Super Bowl commercial will come together, but it’s awesome to see so many different celebrities in one commercial spot.

Even though these clips are rather short, the full-length Super Bowl commercial will most likely be a longer clip, with the average commercial during the game clocking in at 30 seconds.

Over the next couple of days, it’s possible that Pepsi will release more clips and clues as to how this all fits together, but one thing is for certain — we have plenty of celebrities in a diner enjoying some Pepsi. Okurrr!

The Super Bowl airs on Sunday, February 3 at 6:30/5:30c on CBS.

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