Can Nikki sign Imani X and will DeeVee win the DJ battle on The Breaks?

The Breaks
DeeVee has to prove his mettle on The Breaks

On this week’s episode of Hip Hop drama The Breaks, Nikki attempts to sign Imani X and DeeVee has a DJ battle.

Nikki is keen to sign rapper Imani X for Barry’s new record label but the sticking point proves to be her mom.

Elsewhere, DeeVee end up in a DJ battle but at short notice is he be in with a chance or will he fall flat in front of his peers?

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Last week Nikki had her skills tested as she was forced to sneak back stage at a Ride 95 FM concert.

The Breaks charts the rise of three young people desperate to succeed in the early days of Hip Hop, as it moves from being a niche movement to becoming a multi-million dollar mainstream music genre.

Watch The Breaks – Blind Alley at 9:00 PM on VH1.

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