Brutal fight in New Orleans restaurant on Growing Up Hip Hop premiere

Men fighting in a restaurant on the Growing Up Hip Hop premiere
A still from the fierce fight which breaks out on the Growing Up Hip Hop premiere

A brutal fight breaks out on the premiere of WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop — when Master P’s son Romeo Miller gets betrayed by his right-hand man.

Footage from the series shows a massive brawl unfolding with several men grappling and throwing punches at each other.

A clip from later in the season, in the trailer below, shows press crews approaching Miller and asking him: “Is it true you trashed a restaurant in New Orleans?”

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The fight comes after Romeo’s right-hand man becomes a snake in the grass, with the revelation emerging after a cryptic text message.

Romeo travels to NOLA after being forced to go by his father in a bid to get him to reconnect with his roots.

It comes after Master P accuses him of “letting the family down” by choosing to go and film scenes for the television show Empire rather than taking part in an event for their label No Limit Forever Records.

However, the move to force Romeo to go to New Orleans ends up being a bad one when the restaurant fight puts the family empire in jeopardy.

The new season also sees new mom Angela Simmons, daughter of Run-D.M.C. legend Rev. Run, caught between her sisters Vanessa — who joins the cast as a full-time member — and Daryan.

With that drama and her relationship to her fiance on the rocks, the only place she knows where to turn is to her old flame Romeo.

Find out more about the rest of the Growing Up Hip Hop cast here.

Growing Up Hip Hop | Season 3 Official Trailer | WE tv

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv. 

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