Bruno Tonioli interview on Lopez Tonight

Bruno Tonioli
Bruno Tonioli at the Glaad Media Awards in 2009. Pic credit: ©

The most animated judge of ABC hit series “Dancing With The Stars” Bruno Tonioli talks Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson on George Lopez’s chatter tonight.

Lopez gets the dish on the dancers from the “Dancing With The Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli and he also chats with actress Taraji P. Henson on “Lopez Tonight” Wednesday, April 7.

Judge Bruno Tonioli critiques the dancing styles of Kate Gosselin and Pamela Anderson: “Kate is pretty dreadful. She’s crap. But in a nice way. She is entertaining.

“People like disaster movies. We’ve got our own disaster movie there everyday. 2012 is nothing compared to the catastrophe she produces. She is a tough cookie. She gets it in the face, she comes back and she tries to get better…it doesn’t really work…”

“There are people you don’t expect to be good. I thought Pamela Anderson was going to be terrible…all she is gonna do is lay back and show her BEEP and get on with it but she’s not.

“She’s good. Forget about the bombshell. Forget about the sex…she actually comes out and delivers a performance full of content and she works very, very hard and she is good at it.”

Actress Taraji P. Henson reveals her private conversation with Tom Hanks backstage at the “Academy Awards” after performing “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”:

“I was great at first and then you get on the stage and you realize what you are singing about and then there’s Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and I’m pretty much singing about b*&% and hoes and pimps, so what I did was I looked above everyone’s head…to a spot on the back wall…because I was so embarrassed.

“So later I see Tom Hanks backstage and I’m like I’m so sorry I had to sing that song but you know what it kinda went with the movie and he was like ‘Oh, that’s okay’ and he grabs his publicist and says ‘I call her a b*&% all the time.’ He made me feel so much better.”

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